Real Estate in Hopkins Minnesota

Home prices in Hopkins, Minnesota range from condo’s priced in around $80,000 to single family homes prices upwards of $800,000. There truly is a home at every price point. There are lots of great real estate agents serving the community including experienced agents from Edina Realty, Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s. If you drive through Hopkins you will likely see for sale signs in front of houses with Realtor names such as Randy Kellogg, Ben Ganje or Jon Perkins.

The city of Hopkins is located just 7 miles west of downtown Minneapolis and features notable shopping areas, nearby recreational amenities and a convenient location. Hopkins is home to approximately 17,290 residents and is bordered by Minnetonka to the west, north and south. St. Louis Park also makes up part of the city’s northern and eastern borders and Edina makes up a portion of the southern border.

Hopkins is easily accessible via US Highway 169 and Minnesota State Highway 7, two major arterial routes that either border or pass through the city.

The city is a good mixture of residential uses and commercial, and shopping. One of the main retail and shopping areas for Hopkins is centered along Highway 7 and on Knollwood, a regional mall with several specialty stores along with Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, DSW Shoes and Cub Foods. Also include in this busy commercial corridor is a Super Target, Walgreen’s and several casual dining and fast food restaurants, including the Galaxy Drive-In, a neighborhood favorite that is straight out of the 1950’s and adds to the small town feel of Hopkins.

The other main shopping and commercial corridor is located along Main Street in downtown Hopkins. This quaint stretch straight out of small town America features numerous mom and pop style stores, businesses and restaurants, most notably, the Hopkins Cinema, Decoy’s Grill, a couple of antique stores, Gusto Café and the Main street Bar and Grill.

There are several businesses located within Hopkins and the city’s largest employers are Supervalu, the food giant with 1540 employees and NAPCO, a large defense contractor with over 900 employees

Hopkins features 15 neighborhood parks that basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, several athletic fields, playgrounds, walking trails and skating rinks during the winter months. The popular Shady Oak Beach Park features 76-feet of sandy beach shoreline, fishing piers, canoe rentals and plenty of space for a picnic.

Additionally, Hopkins features trailheads for four of the major bike trails in the Twin Cities – The Minnesota Rive Bluffs Trail, The Cedar Lake Trail, The North Cedar Lake Trail and the Lake Minnetonka Trail. There aren’t many other communities in the Twin Cities that have access to the hundreds of miles of trails in all directions that these popular bike and walking trails provide to Hopkins residents. Located adjacent to the Cedar Lake Trail, is the unique Depot Coffee House, a renovated 19th century train station that is very popular with Hopkins residents that was named “Coffee House of the Year” by City Pages in 2000.

The Hopkins School District features seven elementary school, two junior high schools and Hopkins High School. There are four private schools in Hopkins, The Blake School, Hopkins Montessori School, St, David’s preschool and St. John’s Catholic School

Hopkins contains a majority of renters, with owner occupied homes making up just 38% percent of all households in Hopkins with 62% of households classified as renters. Average median household income for Hopkins is $50,359 per household as compared to an overall household income for Minnesota of $47,111.

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Times are Changing in the Washington, DC Real Estate Market

Times are changing in the Washington DC area real estate market. A year ago, sellers would quickly get multiple offers for their properties. Escalation clauses were the norm and agents were doing minimal work to sell properties. All you had to do was stick a sign in the front yard and the property was sold by the end of the first open house! But now, all that is changing. The supply of houses on the market has increased drastically compared to this time last year. Even though I believe there are just as many buyers currently looking there is more to choose from, making this a “buyers’ market.”

A buyers’ market occurs when there is a wealth of properties on the market, giving buyers negotiating power – for a buyer the ultimate leverage lies in having many choices. For example, I recently put in an offer for one of my clients on a studio condo in Glover Park, North West. The location was perfect for my client’s needs – it was facing the main entrance of Glover Archibald Park and had been on the market for over 30 days. When we put in the offer it was substantially lower than the asking price. This was because of the many condos on the market in the area and the fact that this particular property had been on the market for quite a while – this gave the buyer quite a bit of leverage and lead to them getting a great deal. view more reviews at this link.

Due to this buyers’ market, sellers and listing agents have to adjust. Just last year most offers to buy a property in the area came with an escalation clause. An escalation clause is used when multiple offers are submitted for one property. There are two parts to an escalation clause – the cap, and the escalating factor. The cap is the ceiling or top price the buyer is willing to pay. The escalating factor informs the seller how much the buyer would be willing to pay above the other highest offer without going over the cap. Nowadays, however, with the lack of multiple offers out there, there is no use for this clause. With a good real estate agent buyers are able to negotiate the asking price down in most cases!

real estate market

I feel that this changing real estate market really highlights the importance of having a good real estate agent, willing to work hard for you. A listing agent can no longer conduct an open house for you on Saturday and have multiple offers by the following Monday. Now a listing agent will need to come to the table with creative ideas to attract buyers and have the ability to market and differentiate your house from the others on the market. On the other hand, your realtor should be a skilled negotiator, able to take advantage of the buyers’ market to get you the best possible price. Checkout latest news and information at

There is still lots of information that you could find on the Internet, you can do some more research to get a great deal and, of course, select the best realtors!

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Real Estate – Buying a Home With a Buyer’s Agent

Any task, no matter how monumental, can be handled on your own with enough experience and diligence. With that said, there’s always the benefit of having experience and an extra pair of hands to guide you through any ordeal. A real estate agent is a major asset in the home buying process for a number of reasons – but you have to find the right one first.

Buying a home isn’t easy – it can be a complicated process plagued by paperwork, inspections, and headaches. To make it manageable for you, it helps to be comfortable with the agent. To find the realtor that’s right for you you’ll have to interview more than one – and don’t just settle on the first one with a nice smile. Ask questions that will help you decide which agent is right for you.

Above all else, check their references. Find out if they will manage inspections and walk through or if you need to arrange them. Likewise, examine their license and ask them about the experience they have in connecting buyers with the right homes. There’s nothing wrong with digging to make sure an agent is the right match for you. After all it will take the right agent to help you find the right home.

Negotiating Contracts with your Real Estate Agent

A contract for real estate is a complicated little stack of paper work. A good agent will be able to explain the intricate details to you in a way you’ll understand, and they will be able to let you know if negotiation is possible – and when it’s appropriate. The development of the contract starts when you finalize the price on a home and the process comes to close during the actual closing of the home at which point you take possession. View the standard contract your agent uses before agreeing to work with them.

Making Offers

The first step toward buying the home you want is to make an offer once you find something you like. A good agent will be able to provide you with a fair market analysis of the home in comparison with how other homes in the area have sold in the last 12 months. This will give you a great estimation on the value of the home and what your offer should be.

real estate

Having an agent make an offer for you is a great way to quickly tackle the process and this is where it’s important for an agent to know you and your family. Based on the fact that you want at or below market value, you can give the agent permission to bargain for you accordingly. If you’re willing to go higher than market value to outbid other buyers then be sure to let your agent know. This decision will ultimately affect the real estate contact and how they negotiate in your favor.get latest news at

Working with a buyer agent is a smart decision as long as you approach it carefully. You’re essentially giving someone the ability to bargain for you so make sure that you choose an agent you trust that has no conflict of interest or ties to the realtors of the home in questions.

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DC Real Estate – How Can You Make the Right Choices?

When you start thinking about DC real estate, there are going to be a number of factors that you want to be sure that you’re keeping in mind. First, there are the obvious things: while DC is an extremely walkable city, if you want to be able to leave the car at home, you’re going to want to be sure that you live near a Metro station or a Metrobus stop; are you looking for a condo or a single family home? Be sure to get help from reliable real estate agents in this area.

However, beyond the immediately obvious choices that you’ll want to make about DC real estate, there are a number of additional choices to be made as well. After all, Washington DC isn’t like most places; it’s divided into quarters (northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest). If you see a property on 7th, it’s important to know which 7th it’s on because that’s going to have an impact on whether or not you’re choosing the right home.

Similarly, when you’re looking into DC real estate, you’re going to find that there are some areas that are going to be more community focused than others. While you may want to find DC realtors that will give you easy access to the Smithsonian museums, you may find that living too close to an area with high tourist traffic isn’t exactly what you had in mind. This is something that will also be the case if you want to live near other well known locations within the DC area. learn additional tips at

One of the best things that you can do when you are looking into DC real estate is to really take the time to explore your options (and, if you’ve been paying attention to the DC real estate market, you know that there are a great many of them these days). Another valuable asset when you’re looking into DC real estate is an agent who is going to be there for you – a DC real estate agent who will listen to your needs, to your wants and who will help you to find a great home that’s in the price range that you can afford.

DC real estate

Fortunately, you’ll find that regardless of what your situation is whether or not you are a graduate student who wants to own a condo rather than paying rent or you are a lobbyist looking for a home on Capitol Hill – there are going to be homes that will be a good fit. Likewise, regardless of your budget, the number of bedrooms that you need or the part of town that you want to live in, DC real estate that will be a great fit for you is available and the right DC real estate agent can help to ensure that you find it.

When you’re looking for DC real estate, therefore, take the time to identify what you’re really looking for – what you want, need and might like to have in a home – and then make sure you’re choosing a real estate agent who will work with you to get you into your ideal home.

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